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Liquid gold. The land of Molfetta preserves a treasure that was once used to invigorate Olympic athletes, anoint kings, perfume pharaohs and fill antique chests. Today, as then, it enriches every food with a history-filled flavor. This treasure is called „extra virgin olive oil“. It was called elaion by the Greeks and oleum by the Latins. For all the Mediterranean populations, it was and is authentic liquid gold. Seeing these millennial olive trees induces a magical sensation: they extend over vast expanses and their roots reach the sea to confer the feeling of being able to travel back through time, to immerse yourself in history and in an eternal landscape that remained intact over the centuries. It is wonderful to see these olive groves from the highest points of the land while looking towards the sea, which provides the perfect background with its intense blue color. While obscurity becomes intense all around, the big olive trees can still be seen until the last minute, as they shake their fronds and welcome the evening breeze... still full of life. The extraordinary power of nature is summarized in those mighty branches and trunks that were marked by time. The olives represent beauty, but they are also a complex system where history, nature and agriculture intertwined harmoniously over time. The high concentration of millennial plants coincides with an agricultural landscape that is characterized by numerous historical-cultural, archaeological, architectural and natural evidence of immeasurable value; like for the „blades“ for example, deep incisions carved over thousands of years thanks to the water. From the slight internal heights, they go down towards the coast. They are real fossil rivers that represent ecological corridors since they preserve a luxurious Mediterranean vegetation that offers shelter to animal species and plants that are threatened by extinction. Visiting and taking advantage of the sight of these olive groves allows you to cross a dense network of natural roads, tracks and paths that are bordered by dry-stone walls; a unique heritage that represents an old alliance between man and nature and, especially, with the olive tree that ensured support to entire generations for centuries. The two main and most widespread varieties of olives that are cultivated in the countryside of Molfetta, and which are considered to be native to the specific biological adjustment they went through over time, are the Bitonto and Coratina cultivars. These cultivars have assumed peculiar characteristics with respect to the soil, climate and cultivation methods. They are the consequence of the selection of more vigorous individuals, resistant to parasites and with a higher oil yield. The extra virgin oil of these millennial plants has a yellow color with greenish reflections, a scent of fruity olive and green freshly mowed grass, a delicate taste, balanced between sweet and bitter with a touch of spiciness; it contains important elements (oleic acid, polyphenols and vitamins) that can positively influence the organism‘s metabolism. The best scientific experts consider it a „nutraceutical food“, thus a food that is more beneficial to the health than other foods. To taste the perfection of the God‘s Gold, you can visit the many agricultural farms and oil mills that are renowned for the quality of their products. The Cooperative Oil Mill Goccia di Sole ( is known to have received prestigious awards and it is present on national and international markets. The oil extraction method it uses, percolation, thus drop by drop, explains the specificity of its products. Amongst the types of oils produced, there are the D.O.P, the biological ones and the special variety of flavored oils. The brand “Goccia di Sole” established itself on the markets thanks to its attention to the business aspect and to the image of the company by offering a highly refined package and by expanding production to other typical products of the Molfetta area; such as products in oil and patés while maintaining high quality standards and exploring the legacy of ancient recipes used to make a wine-based and black cherry liquor typical of Apulia (primitivo).
The fruity flavor characterizes the extra virgin olive oil of the cooperative oil mill Terra di Olivi ( The cooperative Oil Mill “Terra di Olivi,” thanks to its modern structure and tradition and innovation, became a significant company both in Italy and abroad.
With 500 members, their small and medium productions fully reflect the natural soul of the olive culture. The cooperative company is also committed to protecting the environment.
The extra virgin olive oil Terra di Olivi is made from olives that are selected from the “Ogliarola” and “Coratina” variety and it is known for its lively fragrance (fruity). The fruit is harvested from October to January, when it starts to change color, from an intense green to a wine-like red and then darker, up to a bright black to achieve a pleasant flavor and fragrance that is favored by the beneficial climate of the sea. All the companies preserve and manage a millennial tradition that was unchanged over the centuries. Therefore, coming to Molfetta thinking of being able to taste the same oil that was so appreciated by the ancient Romans, with the same characteristics and scents, that came from the same trees, makes your stay even more fascinating.
Gaetano Armenio -

Gaetano Armenio -

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