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The psychedelic vortex of evenings in Molfetta pays tribute to this club culture. It was never a jumble of sounds, but real music played by many experts with the best technologies. The musical instruments are only a part of the ingredients used to create the soundtrack of nightlife because much is left to the DJ’s skills; able to skillfully juggle both vinyl and contemporary MP3s. Club Culture also has light designs and video installations to make the rooms and premises of the night worthy containers of a different world.
The decibel professionals and great designers of nightlife would not exist without the public. The crowd of arms reaching towards the console or the floors and dance halls filled with entertainment are just waiting for the arrival of real music lovers: industrial, techno, darkwave, trip-hop or rock.
All this is possible at night in Molfetta. Already near the historical center, one can see the locations that allow you to spend an evening in the company of music and great artisanal beer as well as the best brands in the world. In an environment that combines vintage to the live stones of a palace from the 600s, there’s Supersantos, the beershop and extraordinary animator in Piazza Municipio, near the dynamic XO that offers the opportunity to eat exquisite state of the art dishes.
There is even good wine that can be drank with platters of cheese and doc salamis, sausage trays and timbales au gratin, that welcome you at the Baraka in summer and winter . For those who prefer lighter dishes, there is a rich selection of salads, that can be composed freely, and the vegetarian bruschettas are ready to be tasted. Insalà, and its Yogolà and Vegetà declinations, opens to more than a thousand and one flavors since it’s a point of reference for Vegan cuisine.
And, what about the fun happy hour? The most famous cocktails are created by the expertise of our bartenders.
There are many to choose from in the Piazza Municipio square. Both in summer and winter, there’s always a great opportunity to spend an evening with friends in front of a good glass and with the soundtrack of our best Italian DJs! Not only DJs, but also live music! Often, in the weekend, you are sure to hear great musicians, from rock to jazz, in a harmony of sounds and scents that warm the atmosphere. In the historical center, the locations found on the narrow streets are also memorable.
You can easily recognize them thanks to the presence of large groups of youngsters in a bustle of joy, laughter and fun. Music is not the only thing that animates the evenings, there is also art, with a focus on photography, design and dance.
If you want to rock to the beat of music, you can choose a larger space, right outside the city, towards the beaches both to the South and North of Molfetta. Here, at nightfall, the beaches of the Bloom are filled with young and festive people while the Bahia from beach turns into a bar with La Terrazza. On the beaches in the summer and indoor in the winter, you can participate to exclusive evenings that are animated by the best DJs in Europe in the splendid setting of the Eremo Club.
The Gods of consoles from Germany, Holland, France, the US and Canada are not missing, nor are exceptional musicians who include Molfetta amongst the itineraries of their great tours. Concerts and dance halls are always full of people and throwing yourself in the crowd is a must when staying around here.
The warmth of the public, which is also appreciated by those who exhibit themselves on these stages at night, is one of the essential components of fun.When, in the center, we still find Allemmerse amongst the locations that host concerts and a festive environment, you can listen to the best music even in the suburbs, for example in places like the Très jolie. In the commercial area, to the north of the city, the amusement park Miragica ( changes during its special all night openings, when the atmosphere is heated up with a lot of music and fun thanks to many theme events such as the Summer Carnival. If you prefer a good movie to finish off the evening, whether in 3-D or a special projection, you can relax in the comfortable UCI Cinema and its 12 rooms. All of this is the wonderful world that appears at nightfall.
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