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The people of Molfetta, full of enthusiasm and happiness, are able to animate the city with all types of events! The cultural fervor that simmers in the streets and squares is one of the characteristics that distinguishes this city from its surroundings.
There are events for people of all ages because growing with the passion for music, theater, cinema, dance and art is a style of life. There are many different types of intelligent and fun activities! Entirely dedicated to the smaller ones, there is the Festival of the Children’s Theater “Ti fiabo e ti racconto” (Fables and Stories), organized by the Teatrermitage (
The streets come to life thanks to the traveling theater, jugglers and storytellers. The Festival is filled with theater companies from all over Italy who compete against each other to win the famous prize called the “Uccellino Azzuro” (Blue Bird). Music lovers cannot miss the appointment with the “Lights and Sounds in Levante” exhibition.
The Vincenzo Maria Valente Foundation ( has been organizing famous concerts with artists from Italy and abroad for some time now. It ranges from jazz to classical music, without forgetting songwriters.
Alternative music, underground music, music that makes the young go wild and the hardest and most socially involving music are also played on stage at the Macerie - Baracche Ribelli (via dei Lavoratori Street, in the Industrial Area). It’s a self-managed social space  where an alternative economy is promoted through exhibitions of Self-Production. Concerts and theme evenings are one of the specialties of the Eremo Club ( that, amongst other things, organizes the Friendly Thursdays and djset outdoors in the summer. Digressione Contemplattiva ( gives music lovers a chance to listen to an original repertoire and to exceptional musicians.
The appointments with contemporary art are held at the Torrione Passari (Passari Tower) and organized by the Cultural Art Association and the curator Giacomo Zaza ( Amongst the thick walls of the Tower on the cliff over the sea, Jannis Kounellis, Yoko Ono, Joseph Kosuth, Oleg Kulik and many others have exhibited themselves. The “Galleria 54 Arte Contemporanea” (Gallery 54 Contemporary Art) ( is a multicultural place that offers its exhibition space to promote important concepts on how culture frees man. At the Diocesan Museum ( of Molfetta, there are plenty of conferences, book presentations, meetings with authors of great importance.
If you love the theater, you chose the right city! There are many associations that operate in the area. If you want to try the vernacular, there are many ad hoc theater companies, amongst which we can mention the Collective “Dino La Rocca” and its long on stage experience or even the Theater Group “Il Borgo Vecchio” (The Old Town). For a contemporary theater, also with classical scenes, the appointment is with the Carro dei Comici (The Comedian’s Charriot) of Francesco Tammacco (, which has active theater labs and stages, such as the Malalingua associations ( and Arterie Teatro (
The Cipis Theatre ( finds space in posters with a program that is mostly dedicated to adolescents with an experience of over ten years. Theater, music, movies and dances at the Spaziolearti (, created by the Teatrermitage and developed as a cultural and creative space. Dance is also a peculiarity of the Flamenco del Sur (, which is part of the promotional objective of the Spanish Specialty. The numerous cultural associaitons organize events such as the unforgettable white nights and the days dedicated to art and history. The Voice of Sant’Andrea is specialized in organizing nights designed to exhalt taste, music and art: the Polje Consortium (, which includes the Pro Loco, Archeoclub, Ictius, Legambiente, Wwf and Terrae, promotes the development of Pulo by organizing visiting and theater activities such as the “Nel grembo della Grande Madre” (“In the womb of the Great Mother”) appointment. Homme Food handles “ethnic” and fusion cooking by bringing the travel experience of the multi-instrumentalist Giovannangelo De Gennaro and Sara Valente ( to the tables by organizing small culinary events with a unique taste.

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